This PSA is brought to you by female sexuality.

Now I understand that men/society JUST CAN’T be as clueless as I see in popular media.  If you’re a guy who has ever dated a girl/girls, you probably know what the deal is by now.  But in case there is any remaining confusion, I would like to clear something up.


Not only do we like sex, but we like it just as much as men, if not more!  I know I can’t speak for all women (and more women are welcome to chime in here) but the statistics are never in favor of us.  At least those of us who want to be able to enjoy it as much as our partners.  If my friends and I count as a sample size, we certainly go against stats.

This night happened a good month ago, but it was three of us having a girls’ night out around some drinks and chitchat.  Suddenly, the topic turned to orgasms.

Friend #1: “I need to do it at least 3 times a week to stay satisfied.

Friend #2: “What – sex or masturbate?”

Friend #1: One or the other!  As long as I have an orgasm.

Me: “I actually masturbate more or less daily, whether or not I’m having sex”

Both friends: “Daily!”

Friend #2: Actually, now that I think about it, I give myself an orgasm every other day.

OK, so we were a bit tipsy.  My point being, even when we don’t realize it, us gals have needs, too.  We experienced the same curious stirrings during our preteen years.  We had this uncontrollable urge to know everything there was about penises and vaginas.  Some nights, we got off to sex scenes on TV and R rated dreams.  Sometimes, we satiated our curiosity by looking up naughty things on the Internet and in women’s magazines.

Okay, so we don’t always make public announcements about this kind of stuff, but we do do it.

Yes, we have sexual fantasies.  Yes, we masturbate.  And if we are anything like I am, we don’t need to be with a man to watch and get off to porn.

(Guys: For the record, I don’t mind it when you watch porn, either.)

We also like it raw.  Mainstream magazines and TV shows make it seem like we always need to be wooed with flowers and candy to get into bed or something.  News flash dudes – some of us have sex because we’re horny – no rose petals needed.  Lingerie and talking dirty?  We might be into that.

Now let me go, um, take a nap.

Note by the gal who wrote this crazy post: Like one of my last entries, I write this one from the point of view of a heterosexual woman (and my interactions with other heterosexuals). While I did make generalizations, I don’t mean to exclude the experiences of women who identify otherwise.

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