About Grad School

So I haven’t blogged in a while!  I’ve been in grad school for about 2 months now and have finally kicked in to the grad school lifestyle.  I’m still adjusting, though.  Here are some of my takeaways from grad school so far.


This course, usually taken in undergrad, has been kicking my butt more than Risk Assessment, Geographic Information Systems, and Thermodynamics combined.

2.  It is easy to accidentally hit on someone who is already married.

Woops.  This was not a problem in college.  (And NO, I do not mess with married chumps.)

3.  I have finally found what I love doing.

You know you love your field when you feel fulfilled in it, even with the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll ever succeed in it.  I mean, if I find a way to build infrastructure that brings clean water to every person on earth, I will definitely die happy.  But as long as I am working in this field, I’m sure I’ll die happy anyway.

4.  I have reverted back to college-like sleep patterns.

Some things never change.

5.  It is normal to bring alcohol to the library, especially when you know you’ll be staying late into the night – which is every night. 

Forget clubbing – the lib’s where it’s AT.

I will post again when I stop being lame.  Until next time!

About emma

My name is Emma, and this is another blog where you will encounter my ramblings and musings about various things.
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4 Responses to About Grad School

  1. Abby says:

    Sassy 🙂 I know about the library thing- it’s almost like classes and teachers aren’t enough to explain everything. They’re not. You start dating your books at one point. They know more about you than a boyfriend does. Hope your semester goes great! Cheers 🙂

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