80 Followers! And a Shout Out to My Friend in Niue!

THANK YOU my loves!

Also, I just have to send a hello to one of my readers from Niue.  This is because until I glanced at my stats page, I had seriously NEVER heard of this country before!  I’m 22!  I should know all the countries by now.

Interesting facts about Niue: The capital is Alofi.  It is a constitutional monarchy under the Queen of England and is self-governing in free association with New Zealand, also operating under the New Zealand currency.  It is not a member state of the UN, which explains why I never heard of it before.

Nice to know I’m reaching all the corners of the globe.  🙂

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About Grad School

So I haven’t blogged in a while!  I’ve been in grad school for about 2 months now and have finally kicked in to the grad school lifestyle.  I’m still adjusting, though.  Here are some of my takeaways from grad school so far.


This course, usually taken in undergrad, has been kicking my butt more than Risk Assessment, Geographic Information Systems, and Thermodynamics combined.

2.  It is easy to accidentally hit on someone who is already married.

Woops.  This was not a problem in college.  (And NO, I do not mess with married chumps.)

3.  I have finally found what I love doing.

You know you love your field when you feel fulfilled in it, even with the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll ever succeed in it.  I mean, if I find a way to build infrastructure that brings clean water to every person on earth, I will definitely die happy.  But as long as I am working in this field, I’m sure I’ll die happy anyway.

4.  I have reverted back to college-like sleep patterns.

Some things never change.

5.  It is normal to bring alcohol to the library, especially when you know you’ll be staying late into the night – which is every night. 

Forget clubbing – the lib’s where it’s AT.

I will post again when I stop being lame.  Until next time!

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Waiting for luc…

Waiting for luck is a waste of time.

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Top tips of handling difficult people…

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FOREVER ALONE by SexPlus’s Laci Green

Young people are increasingly pressured to pair off.

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Prove yourself …

Prove yourself by what you do, not what you say.

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An Ode to my Readers and Followers

After rambling for about 40 posts and just reaching 60 followers, I wanted to dedicate an entry to those of you who take the time to read my blog and give me feedback.  I want to say thank you and I really appreciate it.

When I first started my blog, I had no idea where it would go.  I didn’t start off with a particular theme in mind.  I actually had an empty account for a whole year.  Then, one day, while I was going through a particularly bad period of depression, I sat down behind my computer and wrote Think Like an Ape.  It is basically about how us humans use our bionic logic to kill the beauty of feeling emotions.  (At least from my perspective.)

The blog ended up revolving around typical lifestyle topics like dating, sex, and self-actualization in the context of my experiences.  It is definitely a non-serious blog, and not as classy as the neatly published travel, cultural, and intellectual blogs that circulate WordPress.  I decided that I was okay with my blog being unstructured and informal, because it is actually one of my few emotional outlets from daily stress.

In addition, I have been fortunate to discover some really nice blogs to read.  I tend to relate to other young adults like myself, who might be facing the same hurdles I am.  I will be very honest – I dislike 99% of the blogs I find on here.  Too many of them are written by people I believe need some serious help (then again, you may think that about me) and several of them ooze negativity and hatred.  They are depressing to read and I ignore them.  On the other hand, I find commonplace blogs about cooking and arts and crafts rather boring.

The few gems I do find are terrific.  I’m talking about those of you I currently follow as well as some others.  I appreciate your level-headedness and honesty.  What you write is very enlightening for me, entertaining,  and refreshing to read.  Keep doing what you are doing.

I notice that I end up getting on my soapbox more often than I should.  I mainly started writing in this blog with the intent of making sense of some of my life experiences and how I felt about them.  This is still my intent.  However, think of my blog posts as itches that needed to be scratched.  I publish more rants and lectures than I would like, but sometimes my irritation and thoughts threaten to implode in my brain.

Also, I want you readers to know that I genuinely care about you and your well-being.  I know that you can only trust me so much, as I am a random stranger on the internet.  But I do publish my posts with the intent of making people feel better about themselves in some way.  If I ever achieve this, this will make me very happy.

I am beginning classes soon and most likely won’t publish as frequently.  However, I hope that my future posts evolve to discuss more of my specific experiences in dating and other fun parts of life.  In other words, I hope that my blog becomes more entertaining.

Until then, thank you for the support and I hope to see you all more down the road.


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