Confessional: Reasons I’m a Prep

I think I might start a new category.  I was recently doused with the self-awareness the other day – by one of my lovely Colombian friends – that I am what you would describe as a “preppy girl”.  This never previously occurred to me as I am not, well, Whiteanglosaxonprotestant, but it seems I have somehow managed to slip into this category.  This is because:

1. I grew up listening to Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and ’90’s Britney Spears.  And Hilary Duff was my role model.

2. I love reading Western classics: Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, the Bronte sisters, Oscar Wilde,…and of course, Harry Potter.

3. I just own way too many books.

4. All my outfits consist of neutral colors, sweaters, and flats.  When I was in grade school, I literally wore knee high socks, plaid skirts, and braids every day.  (I’m really surprised no one beat me up.)

5. I take academia way too seriously.

6. I drink a lot of coffee.

7. I do yoga and pilates.

8. I drink green juice, and go to farmers markets.

9. I love going to the beach.

10. I’m not able to use double negatives.  I just can’t pull it off.

Obvious reasons I’m kind of not a prep:

1. I have never gone “Greek.”

2. I don’t know shit, or give an F, about sports.

3. I wasn’t popular.  Being a Brown nerd just earns you a solitary seat at the lunch table.

4. I don’t wear any specific brands.  I just pull off the look with ordinary department store attire (ssshh!)

5. As you would probably tell by my hair, I am not Whiteanglosaxonprotestant.

6. I can actually shake my boo-tay.

I didn’t choose prep life.  Da prep life chose ME!


About emma

My name is Emma, and this is another blog where you will encounter my ramblings and musings about various things.
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