Life is a Journey (with no itinerary)

Hello all.  My name is Emma, and this is just another blog where you will encounter my ramblings and musings about various things.

I just recently graduated from university with a degree in Biology, where I concentrated on molecular genetics.  However, I recently decided to make the switch over to Environmental Engineering, because I like nature and decided that I did not have enough patience to become an academic scientist.  My hobbies include dancing, writing, and reading.  I love literature and grew up on novels – everything from fantasy to 18th century English lit to sci fi.  I also love going to the theater (as in, live) and have a particular affinity for musicals.  When I’m not doing any of those things, I make attempts at cooking.

The general tone of this blog is silly, informal, and sometimes reflective (also some NSFW material).  As I am a young adult, be prepared to encounter a lot of coming-of-age posts, where I share my frustrations and amusement at the novelty of entering adulthood.

Update: I recently signed up for a PhD track! (in environmental chemistry)  Yep, I drank the kool aid. 


I also love sunsets 🙂

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